Our first day of business

We bought us a 32 ft camper, gutted it and made it into a food trailer.After much work and a lot of trial and error we opened the Dude up for business. I gave my notice at the factory because I decided it was time for self employment. I think it was just a matter of time before I would of got fired anyways. I really can’t say for sure but I think people were trying to make me look bad because the lady who had the job before me said they were out to get her also.


There just seemed to be too many things that they said I did wrong when I know I checked things thoroughly. Well that is all water under the bridge because it is time to take the reigns on Entrepreneurship again. We had run a little cafe for a few years but come time for lease renewal the building owner decided she wasn’t going to renew it. We had built up a good following but had to close down and not because of lack of business because everyone loved our food and the convenience of delivery.


The first day of business went ok except for the deep fryer wasn’t working right and the hot water heater threw fits. I spent all afternoon fixing the equipment and fine tuning everything. We were steady for dinner break and every thing went out in a timely manner. For the first day of business things went very well I think mainly because we already had a client base built up and they were happy to see us deliver good hot food instead of factory vending machine food.


That’s all for now, See you next time with more updates.

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