After much prodding and poking I agreed to help my Wife with her little food business. Our old clients were foaming at the mouth for another taste of our food and who am I to stop that. Giving up the so called security of a steady job was scary at first but who knows from one day to the next how long you will have a job.


The only real thing for sure we know is we have to pay taxes and everyone will die sooner or later( we are voting later). The daily grind of working for someone else and taking their shit was getting old and it was time for a change. The Wife kept saying we could make the same amount of money working a catering business and be our own bosses. The fact is you will never get rich working for someone else and why not control your own destiny.


So I am here to say we are going to take the scary step into the unknown and run our own catering business. All of our old customers are anxious for us to start serving them delicious hot food delivered to them. Most all our customers are hard working people who have no time to cook for themselves because they spend all their time working just to pay the bills.


I certainly can relate to working all the time for the man because I have been there and to tell you the truth I hated every minute of it. So now is the time to take the leap into entrepreneurship and leave the factory behind. It has been an interesting trip but now it time to get off the train and settle down to being a business owner.


I hope all our customer enjoy our food and support us in our food adventure. If you take care of us we will in turn return the favor and take care of you.


Thank you,

The Food Dude


Pepperoni Pizza
Loaded Baked Potato
Cheese Burger
Philly Cheese Steak
Mouth watering Calzone